Sometimes it’s hard to plan ahead when you’re running your own business, and doing a photoshoot can take a lot of advance planning. You have to gather all of your garments, products, and people, coordinate hair and makeup or photoshoot stylists, estimate how much time you’ll need, and most importantly, pull together the budget to cover all of it.

And then, there are the inevitable late-breaking developments: you add an additional colorway to a garment in your collection, and you need to have it photographed. You get a shipment of a new and amazing stock item that you know your shoppers will love, but your iPhone snapshot isn’t fit for your online store. You get a dramatically different haircut and need an updated headshot for your Bio. A half- or full-day photoshoot seems like overkill, but you don’t want to wait and lose out on sales, and you want everything to look fantastic and professional.

It’s okay! You don’t have to sweat the unexpected, and you can put away your point-and-shoot camera: just book a block of Photoshoot Flex Time, and you’re covered.

Wait. What’s Photoshoot Flex Time?

Photoshoot Flex Time comes in blocks of 5 hours each, and you get to use it whenever you want. Have a couple of new items to add to your online shop? Use an hour now, and save the rest for later. Don’t have all your samples ready on shoot day? We can do a half-day shoot for your collection, and have time left over for any samples, styles, and color options you dream up later.

Oh, and my favorite part of Flex Time? Flex Time is billed in monthly installments, so you can start investing in awesome professional photos right away, and you’ll know exactly what to expect when the invoice comes each month. You can use the hours as soon as they’re paid for, or hold onto them for later. If you book a bigger block of Flex Time, you can have your photoshoots covered for the entire year!

Does Flex Time sound pretty excellent to you? Get in touch, and I’ll tell you all about the options.

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