As a Portland food enthusiast and photographer, I’m always looking for good, local eats, and as an athletically-inclined lady, it’s a huge bonus if those eats are also healthy. When I heard about Kure Juice Bar from my friends over at Sprout, I was definitely into their mission of slinging healthy and tasty smoothies and fresh-blended juices in the heart of Hawthorne.

If you’re not entirely on-board with the smoothie thing, though, they also offer sandwiches, parfaits, and my personal favorite, the Bowl of the Gods. It’s basically a granola bowl elevated to new heights: they pack protein and nutrients ahoy into one of their fresh-blended smoothies, and then top that with granola, nuts, fresh fruit, coconut, and goji berries. It’s yummy enough that I’d gladly eat it for dessert, but it’s healthy enough to make a fantastic breakfast or lunch.

I restrained myself just long enough to take a few photos of my Bowl of the Gods, on one of the last few warm-and-sunny days of Fall. I’m kind of jonesing for another one right now, in fact. Go pay a visit to Kure sometime soon! If it’s too cold outside, you can always take one to-go.

Portland professional food photography – Upswept Creative