It’s especially awesome when your work allows you to travel, and I recently got to do just that–I went to Seattle to capture a taste of the Portland-related happenings at Emerald City Comicon, for the Portland Mercury. Intrepid writer Joe Streckert and I made the rounds for all three days of the convention, chatting up Portland-based artists and comics creators, poking our heads in at panels, and also capturing some pretty rad fan costuming.

One of my favorite parts of conventions like these is getting to photograph so many people who are doing things they’re excited about. I got to capture artists and writers passionately talking about their work, geek performers sharing their tunes and talents, and hands-on creatives showcasing the fruits of their labors. It’s truly awesome to see all of the cool things that people are doing and making, and that’s one of the things that I really love about working with people in my own business.

A few highlights from the con are here, and you can also see more photos and read recaps of Day One, Day Two, and Day Three from the convention.

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