I recently got to work with Portland clothing designer Carolyn Hart again, and we got our little band back together for her Spring/Summer 2012 fashion photoshoot–we brought back model Elizabeth Ruth (now with cute short haircut!) who worked with us in 2011, and I also got to reunite with hairstylist and makeup artist Ambrosia Carey, who helped us create fantastic looks!

For this photoshoot, we brought in elements of movement, which worked great with Elizabeth’s background in dance! The new Carolyn Hart collection pairs bold and bright prints with wearable shapes and clean lines, so I aimed for a look that was energetic, accessible, and a little bit dramatic. You can find these smexy new garments in Portland boutiques now, or look through the whole collection on her web site.

If you’re a Portland fashion designer with fabulous garments you want the world to know about, contact me about professional fashion photography! We’ll get together and tailor-make the perfect shoot to showcase your lovingly-made creations.

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