Portland musician photography is always a fun project for me, and I loved having the opportunity to work with local band The Slants, on a photoshoot for their upcoming new release, The Yellow Album. The Slants got started several years ago here in Portland, and they’ve branched out to tour in other cities and have gained a continually growing and super-supportive fan base, especially in the geek community. Those fans showed their love in a big way, when the band recently ran a Kickstarter to fund a much-needed tour bus–their fans came through with their dollars, and helped make a newer (and safer!) tour vehicle a reality!

We got to do the shoot at familiar downtown Portland concert venue, Dante’s, which was great for capturing the drama of stage performance, and the backstage and local club elements that echo the band’s earlier beginnings. We did group photos and individual headshots for each of the bandmates, and the photos are already featuring prominently in their new album promotions and artwork.

The Yellow Album drops in November, so be sure to check out The Slants on Facebook, catch some of their tunes and videos, and find out when the album hits.

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