In the first 6 months of being in my current Portland fashion photography studio space, I lost count of the number of times I thought, “I love this place, but it just doesn’t quite feel 100% right without glitter all over the floor.” On my past shoots with Fresh Tangerine, it’s sort of become a tradition for us to turn up the glam and bring on the glitter, and glitter has a way of sticking around no matter what you do. Not that I minded–a little extra sparkle in my day is something I can definitely get used to!

Fortunately, Kim got in touch about doing a photoshoot with awesome new pieces she’s designed, so we had a fun afternoon of mimosas, popping colors, and plenty of gold sparkle. Fresh Tangerine’s latest collection plays with very cool shapes and lines, and as a finishing touch for our session, we had some gorgeous wearable floral designs by the incredible Rosemary Stafford. Oh, and did I mention the utterly awesome nail-and-string crafted sign that Kim made herself?

So, now I have my glittery floors back, at last. 🙂 And if you could use a little extra sparkle, definitely take a closer look at Kim’s First Edition collection–they’re big, bold, statement pieces that are (literally!) one-of-a-kind. Or, take a look at a few choice photos from our work for her Summer 2013 lookbook.


Styling: Kimberlee Kogane
Floral Design: Rosemary Stafford
Makeup/Hair: Sabrina Cayne
Models: Tara & Emily

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