Team Upswept recently tackled the not-to-be-trifled-with task of shooting a 12-month calendar: we were brought in by Portland’s very own men’s (yes, men!) roller derby all-star travel team, the Bridgetown Menace, to collaborate with them on their 2014 fundraiser. Each page stars a member of their skating roster, and the guys¬†brought their beards, biceps, and brash sense of humor and made the shoot into one we won’t soon forget! Here is a wrap up of their photo shoot.

The idea of monthly calendar full of scantily-clad humans isn’t exactly new, but with this group of guys, it wasn’t hard to find a wealth of twists on the old theme. Some of the boys embraced the beefcake style and worked it for the camera, and others went straight for the silly, with some fun plays on the usual sexy “cheesecake” motifs. In the end, the photos came together into an, ahem, truly memorable calendar that’s uniquely Menace.

We won’t spoil all of the surprises in the calendar, but here’s a small glimpse of some of the shenanigans that went on. Want to get your hands on your own 2014 Bridgetown Menace calendar? You can get it online, or grab one from your favorite skater. (special thanks to Crossfit Magnus for giving us our run of the place!)

portland-branding-photography_menace-roller-derby portland-branding-photography_mens-derby-calendarportland-branding-photography_male-athletes-calendar

And really, what would a session like this one be without a couple of outtakes?

Beards upon beards, because Portland.


Putting the “Man” in “Menace,” perhaps?


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