Shooting a Portland fashion photograph is the most fun when it’s about storytelling. Branding is about the story you tell, and in the fashion and apparel world, telling a story and creating a feeling is even more critical to the photos we create. We don’t necessarily want to be super-literal in the story we tell, but we’re always thinking what kind of images will play nicely with the clothing we’re shooting.

Part of what I love about Hubris Apparel is how her garments are both uniquely stylish and incredibly wearable–they’re clothes that you can actually live in. So, our shoot for the Hubris Spring/Summer 2014 collection took us on a Portland-y day in the life: we explored Sauvie Island and romped around in the tall grasses and open fields.

No trip to Sauvie quite feels right without a stop at Kruger’s Farm, and we were jazzed when they gave us free reign to explore their property during our shoot! The clothes looked fabulous, we had an awesome afternoon working together, and we got to treat ourselves to some amazingly fresh fruit.

portland-fashion-photographer_hubris-apparel-spring2014portland-fashion-photographer_hubris-apparel-spring-summer2014 portland-fashion-photographer_hubris-spring-summer2014 portland-fashion-photographer_hubris-summer2014

Shoot Location: Sauvie Island and Kruger’s Farm
Makeup/ Hair: Erin Moore
Model: Rowa
Accessories: provided by Cabana Reps

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