I’m a Portland fashion and commercial photographer, and I think you’re beautiful. I consider it part of my job to see what’s beautiful about you, and even if I’m not the photographer you’ve chosen today, chances are your photographer also thinks you’re beautiful.

confident creatives - portland professional photographer Upswept CreativeYour photographer is observing you from the moment they meet you–your mannerisms, the way you dress, carry yourself, express yourself. Your photographer is looking for what makes you special. The things you might think of as weird, undesirable quirks can also be the things that draw people to you, that make them want to know and appreciate you.

Your photographer has been watching people for years, and knows how to guide you towards that moment when your most authentic and beautiful self springs forth. I know what angles to choose when I work with you, and I know how to relate to you in a way that helps us get closer to capturing the most awesome parts of you.

The photographer you’ve chosen wants to inspire you. A good photographer isn’t going to show you a proof, if she doesn’t think you’re beautiful in it. In each image, there’s a spark of something valuable and memorable that made your photographer pause. The “flaws” you may think you see every day aren’t nearly as powerful to your photographer as the beauty he’s seen in that photograph of you.

IMG_0245I want to show you that delightful, singular, beautiful part of yourself that you don’t usually see. It could be the way your eyes light up when you talk about your latest project, or the lift in your voice when you think of your family. It could be the way your nose crinkles when you laugh, or the way you smirk when you’ve just laid down a clever joke. Maybe it’s the relaxed energy you have when you’re with your favorite partner-in-crime, or the confidence that radiates when you’ve created something you’re proud of.

Whatever that defining thing is, it’s something no one else quite does the same way, and that’s special. And yet, it’s hard to let go and be your most beautiful self when you’re being photographed. It’s okay, though–your photographer thinks you’re beautiful, and is there to do the work. All you have to do is trust in the process, and just be you.

I have the privilege to shoot with beautiful people on a regular basis, but it’s not because I’m working with models, or because I have a stellar makeup and hair styling team. I work with everyday people, too, and I’m looking for that beautiful, rare part of each of them. Finding the intersection between how you want to be seen, and who you truly are, is a unique little journey that will never get old.

I’m your photographer, and I think you’re beautiful. Hopefully, when we’re done, you’ll see a little more of that beauty in yourself, too.

Portland fashion photographer – Portland rebranding agency – Upswept Creative